Monday, December 29, 2014

Monument... Freezing... just the start of the challenges

We had planned to leave Monument, Colorado on Monday; but a snow storm forced us to move our departure day to Wednesday. Really, it is only a 2 day delay… what's the big deal?

We spent Monday finishing up errands and getting the RV ready to leave.  It snowed about 7 inches today so we were glad we did not leave today.  The high temperature today is 20 degrees and the low is -8 degrees!

Although the Redwood 5th wheel is much warmer than the Montana we had previously, it is still freezing.  We really need to get propane; but Colorado Heights Resort will not fill propane tanks if it is below 20 degrees.  George took the propane tank to Big R store to get propane; however, their valve is frozen because of the temperature.  After calling around, there is no place in Monument to get propane this week.

We cannot leave on Tuesday because the snow has continued and the high is only 2 degrees… Seriously!  We turned our furnace down to 50 degrees so we can save as much propane as possible.  We are using the electric heaters to keep the RV a reasonable temperature.  We have on sweaters, but it is a movie day so we just stay wrapped up in our blankets and are content. The lesson we learned… if we even think we are going to need propane we push forward to get it.  Do not wait and hope it will be easy to get at the next stop.  We should have gone into Colorado Springs and got propane.  Yes, it would have been a pain.  It would have been inconvenient and out of our way—but it would have been easy compared to what we experienced the next several days.

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