Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Wind almost blew us to Kansas, Toto

We are at the Ridgeview RV Resort in Bullhead City, Arizona.  We were at this Resort in February this year.  We came back because it is a convenient (and free) place for us to stay on our way home to Colorado.  

We are planning to be in Colorado May 4 and stay for about 5 weeks.  Amber graduates from High School.  We can hardly believe that sweet grandbaby is now graduating from High School!

It has been SO windy here!  I even went online to trying to determine the wind gusts speed it would take to roll over a 13,500 pound RV.  I found out—no one really knows; but most forums discussions appear to “think” it would take over 100mph winds.   

We have lived in our RV for almost two years.  For the most part we do not mind the reduce living space; but any weather issues are magnified in the RV.  The wind
blows and moves the 5thwheel to the point that the blinds on the windows move.  For the last 3 days and into the nights we have endured this crazy wind.  The forecast for tomorrow is calm and warm.

Because of the wind, we have not done many outside activities.  High winds and desert (which consists of sand, dirt and rocks) do not make a good combination.  I have used this time to work on the blog plus I have been able to sort and edit some pictures. 

When the wind slowed down a little George completed several jobs around the 5th wheel.  He has been trying to find a waterless cleaner/wax product to use on the vehicles and the 5th wheel.  Part of his day was spent trying a couple different products.  He does a great job staying on top of the regular maintenance for everything—so today he lubricated the back hitch and worked on the caulking around the roof of the 5thwheel.

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